inside of a trailer fitted with moveable temperature partitions

Jetfreeze, expert in multi‐temperature groupage transport!

Our vehicles are fitted with moveable partitions and were designed to transport at the same time up
to three temperatures (ambient / chilled / frozen).
Multi‐temperature is a real technological improvement, it is also environment friendly. We deliver cold stores and city centres shops with the same respect for the cold chain and the quality of your products.

“Our customers want to improve their carbon footprint or to take initiatives in terms of sustainability. They contacted Jetfreeze because we can meet their needs of versatility and volumes. Delivering chilled products at the same time as frozen or ambient products help reduce the number of deliveries and the costs of transport and this is a significant advantage!”
Sales Director

Our Fleet:

Our vehicles are renewed every 3 years. We operate static and articulated HGVs and vans. Our vehicles’ partitions are movable and we can transport up to three different temperatures at the same time. We can also operate mono‐temperature or dual‐temperature vehicles depending on our customers’ needs.
All our vehicles are fitted with tail‐lifts for delivery in inner cities, this is much appreciated by our customers who runs restaurants or hotels. The temperature in each section is controlled and recorded at all time and geolocation allows us to follow all the deliveries and confirm time of arrival. Our cold stores in Boulogne sur Mer, France, provide 1,000 m2 of storage in chilled or frozen temperature (‐20°C to +2°C).

We are proud to work with:

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