Welcome to Jetfreeze, specialist of multi‐temperature transport, right to the heart of the city ...

Small businesses, Restaurants, Delicatessens … We have a solution for each of your needs!
Jetfreeze strictly respects the cold chain and in doing so, maintain the quality of your products while ensuring they are delivered on time.

Some figures...

temperatures in our vehicles
main cities delivered every day
deliveries per month
pallets delivered in 2016

Our commitments ...

We specialize in multi‐temperature transport and offer standard groupage service or specific service to meet all your requirements

Our drivers have all received training on the specificity of multi‐temperature transport and temperature‐controlled transport, the importance of maintaining the cold chain and respecting HACCP rules.

The team at Jetfreeze works tightly together to provide our customers with the right service. Our drivers are your ambassadors!

Performance and respect of the delivery times

Quotes and rapid response for all your deliveries in groupage or express service.

Our customers trust us with their most valuable and prestigious goods because we provide secure services. Our vehicles are fitted with inviolable padlocks and tracking devices.

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